Terms and Conditions

1. Billing will be done in GST.
2. 100% amount shall be provided in advance to the company account as mentioned in the invoice or a cheque of the invoice amount shall be made in the name of details provided in invoice.
3. If shoot has been done after taking approval, no amount shall be refunded. Approval shall be provided in written in conversation either on WhatsApp or mail.
4. Pickup and drop, to and from office, will be provided by client or delivery charges will be additional as applicable.
5. There might be delays due to unforeseen circumstances like Medical issues of model, photographer or editor, or any other personal or professional issues. Accordingly, we do not guarantee the exact date of shoot and the selected model. If there is other model available, shoot can be done after your approval.
6. It will take up to 4 days for shoot and editing, post processing and uploading files. A Google drive link will be provided for the images. You need to review and download the photos as soon as you receive the link, as link will expire after 3 days of upload as space is limited on google drive.
7. You can request changes only in editing part within 2 days after the link is received as the shoot is done and no reshoot will take place. There will be additional charges if there are any other editing requirements in graphics like logo placement, etc. Logo file shall be provided on mail and not WhatsApp or any other web service; so the quality is not compressed. Please mail your logo to autocommerce.in@gmail.com.
8. If you require the raw images, there will be additional charges according to the requirement. Also, the raw photos will also be removed from system after 10 days. Raw images will be provided in pen drive as they will be large files and cannot be uploaded online. Client has to bear the delivery charges for the same if raw images file is taken after the garments’ delivery.
9. Garments will be in same condition apart from ironing regarding any damage as they will be in studio and office. So please check if they are in same condition as provided earlier. We strictly look after this area that garments in studio and office are not damaged and so we do not guarantee the product condition after it has been dispatched from office.
10. First product’s raw photography of each category/ sub-category will be shared via WhatsApp for approval. Rest of the products will be done according to the approved first shoot. Please be informed to approve the shoot Immediately and in Realtime as model will have to complete the shoot in a specified timeframe. Also, we require a working alternate contact number for the same.
11. It is preferable if you provide sample photoshoot for every angle either directly on WhatsApp or via a link of any website.
12. Products shall be picked from our end or dropped by client 2 days prior to shoot for aligning the scheduled date.
13. Garment samples of all sizes shall be provided for better results in fitting issues, etc.
14. We expect that garments are in proper condition including properly washed, not in a damaged condition, with no wear and tear, stains, stitching errors, etc. If any piece is not up to the mark considering above parameters, there will be no shoot for that product.
15. Clothes might not be provided in the same condition and packaging as picked. You can take your bag or packaging material if you wish. We will provide the garments in our packaging with a very nominal charge. We follow a particular workflow to ensure to retain the security and quality of your products.
16. Steam Iron will be done prior to shoot on every product to remove wrinkles. You can review the wrinkles on the shoot and approve.
17. All issues subject to Jaipur Jurisdiction.
18. If you wish we can add your number to our WhatsApp Broadcast list to pass on the updates regarding upcoming shoots schedules with model photos, shoot concept and prices. So, you can accordingly prepare your designs in time for a particular model and shoot.
19. If there are any special features of the product to be highlighted like pocket, frills, knots, etc. let us know in advance with a sample photo if possible.
20. Your suggestions, feedbacks and reviews are always welcome to improve ourselves in serving you.
Thank You.