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Product Photography is an essential part of Ecommerce. We at AutoCommerce provide every type of Product Photography ranging from a simple Handicraft Photography to complex Model Photography.

Ecommerce is pickup up the pace due to its simplicity and which majorly depends upon the Imaging part. Its a proven process, better the images, better the sales, and better the profits.

To increase sales, one has to follow the trends and evolve with the competition. Photography is no exception. The amount of efforts one puts in this, gets a long term benefits in terms of overall profits and a brand building.

Product Photography has also evolved in past times from a single image to multiple angles, from white background images to creative shots, from photos to videos, and now 360 Degree Photography.

There are different concepts of Product Photography across categories. For Ecommerce, there are Indoor Photography, Outdoor Photography, Onsite Photography, Model Photography, Dummy Photography, Creative Photography, Lifestyle Photography, Campaign Shoots, etc.

AutoCommerce provides Photography for every single concept within our available resources and we always try to improvise with every single shoot. Our single focus is to satisfy the client, as happy client means repeated business in any industry.

We specialize in model photoshoot in Jaipur and nearby areas, also we travel to every part of the country to do the shoot according to the concept, demand and feasibility of the shoot. We expertise in Indoor Garment Model Photography, Outdoor Garment Model Photography, Female and Male Garment Model Photography and Campaign Shoots.

We work for Startups and local businesses to help the cause of Make in India. We believe that we can do everything in India in a better way and in a more economical manner. We also try to manage everything in a very budget friendly way so the client gets the benefits and so he can pass away the same to tbe end users.

We have an experience of more than 8 years in this industry and we have seen the industry grow in front of our eyes from a basic photoshoot to complex Shoots happening currently. Photography techniques have changed, editing has evolved, and models have become more seasoned as ever.

The Photography concepts are picking up the pace as the Ecommerce. Ecommerce is also happening from personal websites and there are no guidelines of a 3rd party portal, so there is more scope of experimentation. And thus more complex shoot happens for websites and Digital Marketing campaigns.

The shoot which comes out to be just a photo for many of us, has a lot of people’s efforts to make it possible. From model, make-up artist, hair stylist, iron staff, shoot coordinator, shoot director, assistants, to photographer. This is just half the story. After the shoot is done, comes the editing part which is also very critical and crucial. After this whole process, a photoshoot comes out on the floor.

After this, client promotes this shoot in front of the audience and users, which they like andwhich heavily depends upon the overall quality of the shoot and not just the model or the Garment.

Its a complete team work and it takes a very long process to understand the techniques of the process from deep inside and managing every other aspect and people associated with the shoot.

A more better shoot means a happy model, a busy makeup man, a hard working hair stylist, an efficient iron person, a perfect coordinator, and a leading shoot director. In all, a happy crue means better results.

Also there are backend office processes and formalities before the shoot like receiving the products, their counting, their pairing, their quality checks, logistics part, managing the budgets, booking the artists and locations, again the quality checks before dispatch, and then finally putting it to the transport or courier services.

And before that, there is the most important part of all, Planning. Planning a shoot means making the script of a film. From concept to script, there are many things in between like deciding the artist according to the concept of the shoot like model, shoot director, locations, other accessories or props, etc.

Then getting approvals from client and then discussing the budget part which play the most important part in the process. Then asking for the dates of the respective artists and then matching it with the clients needs and then finally booking them.

This is just starting of the story, then managing the technical team and their ongoing projects and then the D Day arrives. Though every artist we work with is a mature and professional person but still there are instances which cant be avoided lile weather which plays an important role in the outdoor Shoot. Also the natural light is also very important aspect to keep note of.

And also in between that, we need to arrange as much garments as we can do in a single shoot to minimize the cost per product as every artist comes on per day basis, so there is Marketing and Sales process in place to accommodate more garments or products to fit into the shoot.

There is challenge also as we need to provide best shots and superior quality photos for every category and every product. And a much challenging part of overall process is that this is done back to back daily.

We also work on Sundays, post business hours, additional hours, Holidays, etc to serve our clients.